donderdag 6 juli 2017

Surprised myself about my long absence here .

I really was surprised myself realizing how long it's been I posted some news here and I am so sorry for you readers you had to wait for such a long time . I think the reason for it is life in general , caretaking for someone special in my life and me struggling with a hernia and FB and  instagram yes social media can be so overwhelming . All this I realized after reading the wonderful blog of a lovely friend who is on a "Socialnetwork Diët" doesn't that sounds amazing although I have to confess I miss his wonderful posts but I know where to find him .
Well in the meantime I've been on a holliday to the Greek Island Mykonos , yes close friends do know I am addicted to the Cyclades . And as always I made a few sketches in my travel journal , which I will show you here . I also started a new sketchbook, a larger format than I am used to , a Watercolor Book Hahnemühle 30x22 cm , I have to admit that it's a new way finding out how to do the lay out on the pages not that I am thinking a lot as one page can have drawings made on different days . I was inspired by the awesome artist Nina Johansson who is also a teacher in the adorable Sketchbookskool , well lets treat you with a lot of sketches , I will spoil you next time with a collage and after that with my new painting who is drying on my easel. Take care and hope to see you again soon .

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