donderdag 9 november 2017

"Do you like unexpected visitors ?" #oilpainting #tiny #softcolors #people #cars

I think we Belgian people are not the most easy /flexible when it comes to meet each other , it is certainly not the habbit here to just jump in without previous notice in contrast with more southern countries like f.ex. Greece where it is normal just to jump in whenever you want and you're always welcome , not that you would not be welcome here but we just aren't used to it I suppose. How about you ?
"Do you like unexpected visitors?" oil on canvas 13x18 cm ( 5,12 x 5,91 inch)

and here a little detail
'My pingouin' is my unexpected visitor who likes to show up once in a while in my paintings it started years ago he suddenly 'showed up' ....

I would love to hear how you think about unexpected visitors and I wish you all a wonderfull day and ...who knows...