donderdag 31 juli 2014

working , drawing, painting, reading books , outdoors in the garden ,outstanding weather ..

Today the sky is so blue, nice temperatures so I settled myself in a shadow corner in the garden to work , drawing, painting, reading books about art and techniques ... I love to work outdoors so I take every opportunity to do so ... today I can be sure that I have not to run away for an unexpected rainshower like normally you can expect in Belgium during the summer ...

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Reading books in the moonlight , pile of books, chair ..

"Reading books in the moonlight "
Small painting 10x10 cm in Acrylic made for the second version of the "Pen Pal Painting Exchange " project , more info about the project on 
This time the subject was "Sidekick" , that was the question .. what is my sidekick of one of them ..
you all know the sidekicks of : Tarzan = Cheeta, Don Quichot = Sancho Panza,
Peter Pan = Tinkerbel.. my first thought was of course  my lovely dog Dommel but sadly enough he passed away in March , my other sidekicks are not living creatures but I realised it is my music ,playing the piano or my guitar but afterall I choose "reading books in the moonlight " as I read
a lot !! of books .
yesterday I send my painting at the Brooklyn Art Library and now it is waiting ,bursting in impatience, from whom I will receive this time a painting . Last time I received a lovely bird painting from Teresa based in New York with whom I now have a nice friendship which is the reason of this project , to get in contact with other artists all over the world .
(see my first painting for this project at the earlier blogpost of 18/8/2013 -Surprise me-)