dinsdag 26 juli 2016

More #dailysketches and fun with the #Sketchbookskool classes and the #Awesome Art Journaling Class

I made my first rubber stamp after seeing the workprocedure from #Pennelope Dullaghan . You can see more of her work here http://penelopeillustration.com/
She also showed us how to work starting with big blocks of color like I did here with the illustration of the bird
And for the class of Koosje Koene http://www.makeawesomeart.com/ I did my daily sketches

So you can see I am pretty busy and if you ask yourself if I am still painting , the answer is YES ! you will see my new painting soon ! Have a artsy day !
Of course you can also visit my instagram page here https://www.instagram.com/debora_missoorten/

zaterdag 16 juli 2016

Some online classes gives a lot of fun #Sketschbookskool and #Awesomeartjournaling

Because this time of the year , hollidays and summer I love to take a little ! break and doing something else , playing and have fun in my sketchbooks that 's why I let myself lead away to do some online classes like "Expression" fom the http://sketchbookskoolhouse.com and "Awesome Art Journaling" from http://www.makeawesomeart.com/ Koosje Koene.

These are sketches I made as 'homework' for the class of #Jill Weber http://frajilfarms.tumblr.com/ and Felix Scheinberger http://www.felixscheinberger.de/#hamburg and Sabine Wisman http://www.sabinewisman.com/
and here under some of the class of Koosje Koene http://www.makeawesomeart.com/

Have all a creative week end !