vrijdag 7 september 2018

Into sketching, painting , writing, baking and reading. A wonderful variety of pursuits.

I have to confess that I am not often 'online' lately , I am not at all a person who's anchored with the "virtual world " and I like it that way even maybe sometimes I miss interesting news or a lovely blogpost but at the other hand it gives me peace, rest , quietness and time to live the life I want to live. FREEDOM that's "THE" word I worship already my whole life . 😇
Well this amazing summer filled with heatwaves, I did a lot of different stuff. I drew in my small sketchbook, I made a 'Tiny Adventure' oil painting , title "Diversity" , I made some creative stuff in a wonderful artjournal called "Creative Flow" - Jocelyn De Kwant ,which was given to me by my lovely friend Michael Nobbs (whos website is really worth visiting https://www.gogently.co/ ) which I appreciate a lot , I made some birthday cards for my close friends , I read some interesting books as I am addicted to reading and I baked my own bread for the first time. I also love to write my "morning pages" in "The Artist's Way - Morning Pages Journal " of Julia Cameron , as you can see a wonderful variety of pursuits. I will share a few images from all the above -mentioned items.

I hope you all had the opportunity to load your "inner fuels" and enjoyed this beautiful warm summer and now be ready to start the new colorful Autumn . Be joyful and live the life you want to live .
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zaterdag 30 juni 2018

A relaxing rest holiday of #sketching and reading.

We went to the lovely small and quiet Greek Island Astypalaia where I spent my days reading,sketching,swimming in the blue sea, enjoying local fresh made foods , being 'unplugged' all the time . Here a few of my sketches I did in my small square  traveljournal #Global Art Materials  . I use my travel #Winsor&Newton watercolour pallet with 35 colours , pencil, #Staedtler pigment liner and my  #Lamy fountainpen and two #TWSBI fountainpens. #Atramentis Black and brown ink and #Kaweco palm green inkt.

I hope you all can enjoy a wonderful 'unplugged' holiday either on a lovley spot or even at home .

#traveljournal, #sketchbook, #sketching, #watercolour, #drawing, #art, #Greece, #Astypalaia

donderdag 10 mei 2018

A sad and life-changing reason why I wasn't posting on my blog lately #sketching "sketchbook #watercolour #pencil #drawing

The last six months were all in sign of care taking of my Mom, after a fall she couldn't live on her own anymore , for her ,a very strong and idependent woman , career woman 'avant la lettre',  this was very hard to accept , we , my sister and I, visited her every day for the last six months to make her life as comfortable as possible but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her after she passed away in March and it couldn't be more characteristic her funeral was on 'International  Women's Day' . The grief is hard , the emptiness huge ,and step by step I try to crawl gently out of the dark hole and get back to my daily routine of making art . Here some of my sketches I made in my small sketchbook.

I hope you have something to keep you going and remember life is short so enjoy every minute of it !

donderdag 4 januari 2018

Pen and Ink small sketchbook. #sketchbook #artjournal #dailysketch #watercolour

I received again a box filled with little treasures from my best friend Ester https://esterwilson.blogspot.be/ and one of them is this small 'Pen & Ink' sketchbook (5-1/2"x3-1/2" - 14x9 cm) . The paper is thin ,acid free and actually not suited for watercolour but I just love to use watercolour on this kind of paper as it gives a lovely crispy sound to the paper when you turn the page , real sketchbook users know what I mean by this , yeah it can be a bit weird our artist mind but nothing wrong with that if you asks me . I couldn't wait till my other sketchbook was finished so I just jumped in wright away .

I hope you had as much fun as I with the presents you received for Christmas.