woensdag 18 maart 2015

Remembrance, childhood, important issues in Life !

My new painting . "Do you remember your first Teddy" - oil on canvas 40x50 cm
I made this painting as we have all important remembrance or beliefs we may not forget about and made who we are .

maandag 2 maart 2015

Part of my Sketchbook Project submission is being included in the upcoming publication, The Sketchbook Project World Tour!

I received a message from Jessica from The Sketchbook Project ( http://www.Thesketchbookproject.com ) to let me know that part of my Sketchbook Project submission is being included in their upcoming publication, The Sketchbook Project World Tour! Published through Princeton Architectural Press and curated by The Sketchbook Project's own Sara Elands Peterman and Steven Peterman, this book showcases incredible artwork from sketchbooks in their collection (out of 30.000 sketchbooks ! ) by participants around the globe. I am excited as they are are to have my contribution to The Sketchbook Project shared in this new release.

It's cold outside ,man in winterpullover.Pencildrawing and watercolors.

Another sketch for http://www.Thesketchbookproject.com . I changed all the white paper of the original sketchbook and replaced it by a number of different kinds of paper to give it a more personal touch.