vrijdag 7 september 2018

Into sketching, painting , writing, baking and reading. A wonderful variety of pursuits.

I have to confess that I am not often 'online' lately , I am not at all a person who's anchored with the "virtual world " and I like it that way even maybe sometimes I miss interesting news or a lovely blogpost but at the other hand it gives me peace, rest , quietness and time to live the life I want to live. FREEDOM that's "THE" word I worship already my whole life . 😇
Well this amazing summer filled with heatwaves, I did a lot of different stuff. I drew in my small sketchbook, I made a 'Tiny Adventure' oil painting , title "Diversity" , I made some creative stuff in a wonderful artjournal called "Creative Flow" - Jocelyn De Kwant ,which was given to me by my lovely friend Michael Nobbs (whos website is really worth visiting https://www.gogently.co/ ) which I appreciate a lot , I made some birthday cards for my close friends , I read some interesting books as I am addicted to reading and I baked my own bread for the first time. I also love to write my "morning pages" in "The Artist's Way - Morning Pages Journal " of Julia Cameron , as you can see a wonderful variety of pursuits. I will share a few images from all the above -mentioned items.

I hope you all had the opportunity to load your "inner fuels" and enjoyed this beautiful warm summer and now be ready to start the new colorful Autumn . Be joyful and live the life you want to live .
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