woensdag 24 december 2014

Merry Christmas everyone - part II

If you ask yourself why part II ... for those who still have or remember my cart of last year it will be clear as christal for those who don't please visit my older post (see lower) and scroll till the date of 19 december 2013 and you will find part I .

woensdag 10 december 2014

Moleskine sketchbook - will there be enough snow in the future for our childeren -global warming up

 Pencil drawing in my small Moleskine sketchbook
About global warming up and the question if there will be still snow on top of the mountains or is everything melting away faster than we realise ?

woensdag 26 november 2014

Birdhouse , garden, illustration, watercolor sketchbook

I had a lot of fun making this illustration in my Global Art
Acid -free journal (14x21 cm/8.25x5.5 inch)
about the first thought that came to my mind when Mr.E showed me our new birdhouse he made ..
Isn't it our duty to take care for all those little friends , to feed them now the days are getting colder ?

maandag 24 november 2014

Oil Painting Celebrations,dinner,lonesome,stranger,family

"Do you think it would be nice to invite a "lonesome stranger" for dinner?

Oil on canvas 60 x70 cm

Now we're approaching holidays and New year celebrations it is once again high time to think about the less fortunate people .

detail of the work

vrijdag 14 november 2014

New painting :Looking for happiness - people- stick-fields-wood

I just finished this new painting !

"Do you think they are looking for happiness ?"
Oil on canvas 60x80 cm

It is a pity people forget sometimes all the good things they possess not realising how fortunated they are ..
(f yr info : my  name on the painting is only a digital sign)

My painting =Nominated for the contest" Painting of the year 2014 Belgium"

My painting "Do you think we have to take a risk now and then " 70x70 cm oil on canvas is nominated for the contest "Painting of the year 2014 Belgium" - I am very happy and hope I will catch the Final selection too ..... read more here

dinsdag 4 november 2014

A new start in a new Sketchbook and the sad story of a little Erithacus Rubecula

This is my new sketchbook I recieved from a very good friend Ester ! You can find all her great artwork here www.esterwilson.com

and I will fill this book with all the thoughts wandering in my mind ... and here is the first page ..
to be continued ..

woensdag 17 september 2014

Pencil drawing in Moleskine Sketchbook , sea, beach,child with bucket carry water ..

I made this little pencil drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook after I saw a documentary about the Belgian photographer Carl De Keyzer and his series of photos "Moments Before the Flood " which was very interesting !

donderdag 11 september 2014

Mother and child swimming in the lake between the mountains. Warning NO SWIMMING!

"Do you think we have to take a risk now and then ?"
Oil paint on canvas
70x70 cm
I used a special shade of colour  to convey a kind of ominous feeling.

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Do You Remeber Your First Teddy Bear ? Pencil Drawing Moleskine sketchbook

Sorry for keep you waiting but I was very busy lately ..
This is a new sketch , pencil drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook and I wondered if you remeber your first Teddy ?

In the meantime I made this detailed drawing (70x70 cm)as a preparation of my new oil painting which will be posted soon , it is drying now before I can finish it with the last layer of  glacis ..
but here already the drawing of which I made earlier (see older post) also a small sketch in my Moleskine
and I was also reading this  interesting book waiting to be read for quiet some time ..." Classical Painting techniques by Juliette Aristides " which I happened to see as 'recomended books" on the blog of http://www.marcdalessio.com , I was referring to by http://www.esterwilson.com .
Coming soon my new painting on which is one small but not unimportant detail what is not yet on the drawing ...

zondag 10 augustus 2014

Padding in the lake ,swimming, vacation ...

A small pencil drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook...
Do you remember the joy of playing and padding in the freezing cold water of a lake ..till your lips and nails became blue .... ?

donderdag 31 juli 2014

working , drawing, painting, reading books , outdoors in the garden ,outstanding weather ..

Today the sky is so blue, nice temperatures so I settled myself in a shadow corner in the garden to work , drawing, painting, reading books about art and techniques ... I love to work outdoors so I take every opportunity to do so ... today I can be sure that I have not to run away for an unexpected rainshower like normally you can expect in Belgium during the summer ...

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Reading books in the moonlight , pile of books, chair ..

"Reading books in the moonlight "
Small painting 10x10 cm in Acrylic made for the second version of the "Pen Pal Painting Exchange " project , more info about the project on www.thesketchbookproject.com 
This time the subject was "Sidekick" , that was the question .. what is my sidekick of one of them ..
you all know the sidekicks of : Tarzan = Cheeta, Don Quichot = Sancho Panza,
Peter Pan = Tinkerbel.. my first thought was of course  my lovely dog Dommel but sadly enough he passed away in March , my other sidekicks are not living creatures but I realised it is my music ,playing the piano or my guitar but afterall I choose "reading books in the moonlight " as I read
a lot !! of books .
yesterday I send my painting at the Brooklyn Art Library and now it is waiting ,bursting in impatience, from whom I will receive this time a painting . Last time I received a lovely bird painting from Teresa based in New York with whom I now have a nice friendship which is the reason of this project , to get in contact with other artists all over the world .
(see my first painting for this project at the earlier blogpost of 18/8/2013 -Surprise me-)

zondag 29 juni 2014

Two girls and the driver, red sportscar, Spider Alfa Romeo, oil painting

 Oil painting on canvas , 70x70 cm .

It remembers me at the time my mother drove in her 'Spitfire Triumph' , we went on holliday  when we were still litlle childeren and were sitting in the back, knees pulled up as these sportscars have actually no "backseets" ..but it was a lot of fun and adventure !

Ice lolly eating man, spoon falling off,small ditych painting in acrylic ,earthtones

2 small paintings (each 13x18 cm), acrylic on canvas
I made these as a gift for the opening of the artisan ice-cream parlour .

donderdag 24 april 2014

Life is full of surprises !

Indeed life is full of surprises , open your eyes !
Pencil drawing and watercolor  in my Moleskine sketchbook .

dinsdag 22 april 2014

Dancing on a pink cloud ...

A happy couple dancing on a pink cloud ...a beautiful dream ... Pencil drawing and watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook..

maandag 21 april 2014

Buongiorno Principessa..

Pencil drawing in my Moleskine (14x18 cm) ... reminds me of a beautyful song I play on my piano "Buongiorno principessa" by Nicola Piovani form the movie 'La vita รจ Bella'..

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Lazy on a sunny afternoon....

I love drawing in my new sketchbook ...
Pencil drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook 14x18 cm

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Yesssss ! My sketchbook has arrived in Brooklyn !

Visiting Brooklyn ?  Just wanted to let you know that my sketchbookproject has now been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number of 225.34-2. 

The Art House Crew
Here one of my  sketches I made in a/m sketchbook

zondag 19 januari 2014

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Do you remeber people were courteous to each other?

Acryl on canvas . 120cm x 80 cm.
There is so much useless violence in public places where it would be much more pleasant if people would deal graciously with each other.