woensdag 26 november 2014

Birdhouse , garden, illustration, watercolor sketchbook

I had a lot of fun making this illustration in my Global Art
Acid -free journal (14x21 cm/8.25x5.5 inch)
about the first thought that came to my mind when Mr.E showed me our new birdhouse he made ..
Isn't it our duty to take care for all those little friends , to feed them now the days are getting colder ?

maandag 24 november 2014

Oil Painting Celebrations,dinner,lonesome,stranger,family

"Do you think it would be nice to invite a "lonesome stranger" for dinner?

Oil on canvas 60 x70 cm

Now we're approaching holidays and New year celebrations it is once again high time to think about the less fortunate people .

detail of the work

vrijdag 14 november 2014

New painting :Looking for happiness - people- stick-fields-wood

I just finished this new painting !

"Do you think they are looking for happiness ?"
Oil on canvas 60x80 cm

It is a pity people forget sometimes all the good things they possess not realising how fortunated they are ..
(f yr info : my  name on the painting is only a digital sign)

My painting =Nominated for the contest" Painting of the year 2014 Belgium"

My painting "Do you think we have to take a risk now and then " 70x70 cm oil on canvas is nominated for the contest "Painting of the year 2014 Belgium" - I am very happy and hope I will catch the Final selection too ..... read more here

dinsdag 4 november 2014

A new start in a new Sketchbook and the sad story of a little Erithacus Rubecula

This is my new sketchbook I recieved from a very good friend Ester ! You can find all her great artwork here www.esterwilson.com

and I will fill this book with all the thoughts wandering in my mind ... and here is the first page ..
to be continued ..