donderdag 26 oktober 2017

The start of my 'Tiny Adventures' - small paintings .

As I am short in time these days due to real life issues as care taking for my dear Mom, I was looking for a new way and challenge to continue making art on a regular basis . I was charmed by the idea I learned to know  due to the lovely Michael Nobbs who is an artist, podcaster and teadrinker , how to live your life on a gentle and creative pace and to pay attention to  "Tiny Adventures'. You can find out all about it here:
As those who knows me and my work well ,you will notice that I continue to bring through out my paintings small and big issues and questions into our everyday life and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way.
Like my  lovely friend Kathleen Brown put it so nicely : quote:" I love how your paintings have not only humour, but also a poignant exquisite sadness about them." unquote. This been said she hit the nail on the head.
Well, my personal 'Tiny Adventures' starts here by making small paintings ,which is a challenge as I am used to make large size  paintings for more than 20 years already , but I am all in for it .

"Do you like ice cream? "  diptych 2 x 13x18 cm (5,12 x 7,08 inch) oil on canvas

dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

Traveljournal , sketches of my vacation in Astypalea september 2017.#artjournal , #traveljournal , #watercolor #artbeforebreakfast.

Finally I can share here some of my sketches I 've made during my holidays in September on the lovely and very small Greek Island Astypalea , most of them are made before breakfast . I used pencil, pigment liner , collages and watercolors.

I will put some photos I took as well so you can have a glimpse of this really wonderfull small Island which is not yet spoiled by tourism , it is quiet, authentic and the people are really nice and very hospitable , the food is local , fresh and home made. The vieuws are amazing.

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful summer .