donderdag 10 mei 2018

A sad and life-changing reason why I wasn't posting on my blog lately #sketching "sketchbook #watercolour #pencil #drawing

The last six months were all in sign of care taking of my Mom, after a fall she couldn't live on her own anymore , for her ,a very strong and idependent woman , career woman 'avant la lettre',  this was very hard to accept , we , my sister and I, visited her every day for the last six months to make her life as comfortable as possible but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her after she passed away in March and it couldn't be more characteristic her funeral was on 'International  Women's Day' . The grief is hard , the emptiness huge ,and step by step I try to crawl gently out of the dark hole and get back to my daily routine of making art . Here some of my sketches I made in my small sketchbook.

I hope you have something to keep you going and remember life is short so enjoy every minute of it !