donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Do You Remeber Your First Teddy Bear ? Pencil Drawing Moleskine sketchbook

Sorry for keep you waiting but I was very busy lately ..
This is a new sketch , pencil drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook and I wondered if you remeber your first Teddy ?

In the meantime I made this detailed drawing (70x70 cm)as a preparation of my new oil painting which will be posted soon , it is drying now before I can finish it with the last layer of  glacis ..
but here already the drawing of which I made earlier (see older post) also a small sketch in my Moleskine
and I was also reading this  interesting book waiting to be read for quiet some time ..." Classical Painting techniques by Juliette Aristides " which I happened to see as 'recomended books" on the blog of , I was referring to by .
Coming soon my new painting on which is one small but not unimportant detail what is not yet on the drawing ...

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